Meet Lifestyle Entrepreneurs: Tasha Sabatini

Meet Lifestyle Entrepreneurs: Tasha Sabatini

Today we want to introduce you to Tasha Sabatini


I took this from Tasha’s website so you can learn a bit more about her..

Hey! I’m Tasha Sabatini! All my life I was taught to enjoy life and aspire to greater things, mind you I’m only 16  years old but I believe age is just a number and you are never to young or to old to achieve great things.

One of my own goals in life is to help others, not just in one aspect of their life though, I want to help people in ALL aspects, to help create a lifestyle not just a page in their life.  I want to see people achieve greater health, become more connected with the outdoors, and have an overall healthier mindset.

It’s all about lifestyle and if you want to change, you’ve got to change the whole package aka you, your life. I’m here to help with this process!

Now it’s time to learn a little bit more about Tasha with our questions and answers…

1) On a scale of one to 10, how weird are you?

10. No question. I have never connotated the word ‘weird’ with anything bad, probably because I have always considered myself weird haha.

I was that kid that would bring a vegetable tray to school holiday parties…I still am that kid technically since I’m only 16, but it’s all good. Being weird is more fun.

I saw this quote not to long ago that said, “Let your weird line shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you.” I just love that.

2) What was the turning point that showed you that you could be a digital nomad?

Family influence from my mom was definitely a key factor. Among other names like Caleb Maddix.

So It was towards the end of my freshman year in High School and I’d drive home from Track practice every night just brainstorming with my mom (She is a Digital nomad as well). I have done many ‘entrepreneurial type’ of endeavors throughout the years; I handmade clay miniatures and jewelry for awhile while I was in elementary school, I sold a lot surprisingly…I even made my first business cards then.

Anyways, fast forward again to my freshman year, I started utilizing the site RedBubble and I created a brand called RestlessMortals.

It was pretty cool, I was really into drawing skulls and using RedBubble I could upload my designs onto any product; shirts, hats, mugs, prints, anything! But then I started to think bigger, I wanted to really help people.

During these brainstorming sessions with my mom, I thought heck why wait until I graduate High School to start my online business/ brand?

I’ll just be a dime a dozen then. So this past summer, once Track was over and school let out, I got to work, and then I turned 16. 

3) How did you first get started with becoming a digital nomad?

At first I was pretty lost with where I was wanting to go with my online business/ brand. I knew I wanted to make a lifestyle brand based around getting people outside, developing a positive mindset, and helping others find their callings and passions in life.

I had a solid following on Instagram and what better way to promote a lifestyle brand better than Insta. I talked with a few of my friend about some of my ideas and I was getting positive feedback.

I decided to start a YouTube channel. It’s perfect to start getting yourself comfortable with just sharing your knowledge and message with the world.

Pretty soon after I got my channel up I started my website It was nice to finally have a real home-base established online!

Oh course then there comes the process of figuring out WordPress since I do everything organically haha, it’s forever a learning process in this world.

Then my sophomore year of school started back up and I’m also a Cross Country runner, so my daily schedule looked like…wake up a 5 o’clock, go and lifeguard morning swims at my school, go to class for 8 hours, go to practice for another 2 hours, and then finally come home and attempt to work on my business.

It was ridiculous and I was really spinning my wheels with my life and business. Around mid October I left to attend Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar in Denver, Colorado; I was chosen as a scholarship recipient (some of my friends weren’t to happy, because I ended up missing homecoming at my school haha but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way).

This event truly change my life, the people I connected with are phenomenal, and it really helped me develop my voice and message! It was the kickstart I needed to launch me into the next stage of my life, I’m forever grateful to the ones who made the scholarship possible.

Once I got back from Denver I decided it was time for me to start homeschooling so I could dedicate more time to my business. My Cross Country season ended and then the first quarter of school ended and I was out of there, I was officially able to start my path as an online entrepreneur.

4) What advice would you give to a beginning nomad?

Well I don’t have too much advice to give because in all honesty I feel I’m still a beginning nomad. BUT I will say one thing to any beginner, just be yourself and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Really, if you have a message or product(s) that you want to share with the world then do it. There is another soul out there just waiting for you or your product(s).

5) What’s your superpower…or spirit animal?

I’m not sure if this counts or not but I’m going to roll with it. My superpower is most likely obsession. In the most chill way obsession is possible.

I’m a very low key kind of person, but if I’m after a goal of some sort whether it be tangible or intangible there isn’t much stopping me.

To meet me you wouldn’t say I’m stern or hard headed but definitely inside me I retain a very hardcore mindset about certain areas of my life. It balances itself out because to meet me you’d probably think I’m just some sunbaked surfer haha.

6) How would you describe yourself in one word?

Adventurous. Adventure is my whole life, seems just like the right word.

7) Where can we find out more about you and your business?

Give me a look on my website!

I’m also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr under Tasha Sabatini as well!

I just released my first book, Primal Reconnection “The Fundamental Missing Element In Our Modern Lives”!

Every word, every drawing, and even the cover was all of my doing, all of it was to share with all of you. I’m truly excited to finally share it with this world! Check it out on Amazon, my website, also available on Kindle!

PLEASE let me know what you think if you read my book! It means the world to me.

8) What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

I’d retreat to the mountains or the island, steer clear of the cities and you’ll be golden.

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