Meet Lifestyle Entrepreneurs: Ezequiel Reynaud

Meet Lifestyle Entrepreneurs: Ezequiel Reynaud

1) On a scale of one to 10, how weird are you?

I’d say 9

2) What was the turning point that showed you that you could be a digital nomad?

When I realized that I can still do what I do best from anywhere in the world, like creating improvement tools, maintaining my websites and also consulting and advisory for businesses. Another thing is being a minimalist as a lifestyle and also running a website on this thematic.

3) How did you first get started with becoming a digital nomad?

When I had to do papers from college with colleagues every week and then and they were always far and not available, also when I noticed that people from different locations need different help.

4) What advice would you give to a beginning nomad?

Be free. Cut loose. Let it go. Expand you mind. And yourself.

5) What’s your superpower…or spirit animal?

Owls. I definitely owls. Self explanatory.

6) How would you describe yourself in one word?


7) Where can we find out more about you and your business?

FB, IG, YT, G+, Twitter and LinkedIn: Ezequiel Reynaud

Couple websites I run:

(main one/straight to business related) /

(minimalism one/even though ptbr) /

(first and loved one/lifestyle) and some others under development…

8) What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

“Survive”: never hide, always on the run! And fighting.

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